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April 1st 2017 Volta Moscow [RUS]
March 31st 2017 Klub M2 Tula [RUS]
March 30th 2017 Old Fashion Ryazan [RUS]
March 29th 2017 Sin City Nizhny Novgorod
March 28th 2017 Biker Ulyanovsk [RUS]
March 26th 2017 Zvezda Samara [RUS]
March 25th 2017 Piramida Club Kazan [RUS]
March 24th 2017 Black Rose City Kirov [RUS]
March 23rd 2017 Svoboda Yekaterinburg [RUS]
March 21st 2017 R-Club Novosibirsk [RUS]
March 19th 2017 Art Club Ro-Ro Narva [EST]
March 18th 2017 Opera St. Peterburg [RUS]
February 18th 2017 Tavastia Helsinki [FIN] Diablo
February 17th 2017 Kerubi Joensuu [FIN] Diablo
February 11th 2017 Rytmikorjaamo Seinajoki [FIN] Diablo
February 3rd 2017 Lutakko Jyvaskyla [FIN] Diablo
January 28th 2017 Pakkahuone Tampere [FIN] Diablo
October 1st 2016 Hevimesta Oulu [FIN]
August 20th 2016 Lavaklubi Helsinki [FIN]
August 7th 2015 Brutal Assault Jaromer [CZE] FESTIVAL
May 24th 2015 45 Special Oulu [FIN]
April 4th 2015 Melna Piektdiena Riga [LAT]
April 3rd 2015 Club Rockstar's Tallinn [EST] TALBOT
December 19th 2014 SuperPark Areena Oulu [FIN] KOTITEOLLISUUS
October 4th 2014 Club Rock 'n' Roll Irkutsk [RUS]  
October 2nd 2014 Club Era Krasnoyarsk [RUS]  
October 1st 2014 Club Che Guevara Barnaul [RUS]  
September 29th 2014 Club Mayak Tomsk [RUS]  
September 28th 2014 Club Rock City Novosibirsk [RUS]  
September 26th 2014 Klub Nirvana Yekaterinburg [RUS]  
September 24th 2014 Klub Banzai Kazan [RUS]  
September 23rd 2014 Klub Sin City Nizhnyi Novgorod [RUS]  
September 21st 2014 Klub ZZZED Vladimir [RUS]  
September 20th 2014 Klub Volta Moscow [RUS]  
September 19th 2014 Zal Ozhidaniya St. Petersburg [RUS]  
September 13th 2014 Blackpool Järvenpää [FIN]
September 12th 2014 House of Rock Kouvola [FIN]
July 25th 2014 Qstock Oulu [FIN] FESTIVAL
May 24th 2014 Nosturi Helsinki [FIN] BOB MALMSTROM, IIWANAJULMA,
May 17th 2014 Torvi Lahti [FIN] IIWANAJULMA, KHROMA
May 16th 2014 Bar15 Seinäjoki [FIN] IIWANAJULMA, KHROMA
May 10th 2014 Jalostamo Hyvinkää [FIN] BOB MALMSTROM, IIWANAJULMA,
May 9th 2014 Yo-talo Tampere [FIN] BOB MALMSTROM, IIWANAJULMA,
May 3rd 2014 Marks Joensuu [FIN] KHROMA
May 2nd 2014 Henry's Pub Kuopio [FIN] KHROMA
May 1st 2014 Nuclear Nightclub Oulu [FIN] -
April 26th 2014 Klubi Turku [FIN] BOB MALMSTROM, IIWANAJULMA
April 25th 2014 Monttu Pori [FIN] BOB MALMSTROM, IIWANAJULMA
April 5th 2014 45 Special Oulu [FIN] -
April 4th 2014 Rentukka Jyväskylä [FIN] BOB MALMSTROM, IIWANAJULMA,
April 3rd 2014 Tavastia Helsinki [FIN] CRIB45
December 29th 2012 Klubi Turku [FIN] IIWANAJULMA, THE PHYSICISTS
December 28th 2012 Pub Katse Jyväskylä [FIN] IIWANAJULMA, THE PHYSICISTS
November 3rd 2012 Henry's Pub Kuopio [FIN] IIWANAJULMA, THE PHYSICISTS
November 2nd 2012 Nuclear Nightclub Oulu [FIN] IIWANAJULMA, THE PHYSICISTS
October 27th 2012 Rytmi-Katti Kouvola [FIN]  
October 26th 2012 Rytmi-Katti Hamina [FIN]  
July 14th 2012 Narva Bike Narva [EST] FESTIVAL
June 30th 2012 Nosturi Helsinki [FIN] BLACK SUN AEON, SHAPE OF DESPAIR
December 17th 2011 Bar Bakkari Helsinki [FIN] ILLIDIANCE [RUS], LEX NULLA [RUS], THE PHYSICISTS
November 12th 2011 Nuclear Nightclub Oulu [FIN] NONE
November 11th 2011 Nuclear Nightclub Oulu [FIN] NONE
August 13th 2011 Brutal Assault Jaromer [CZE] FESTIVAL
June 24th 2011 Nummirock Kauhajoki [FIN] FESTIVAL
April 16th 2011 The Rock Pub Kokkola [FIN] THE MAN-EATING TREE
April 9th 2011 Club Teatria Oulu [FIN] THE MAN-EATING TREE
April 8th 2011 Lutakko Jyväskylä [FIN] THE MAN-EATING TREE
April 7th 2011 Jack the Rooster Tampere [FIN] THE MAN-EATING TREE
April 2nd 2011 Rytmi-Katti Kouvola [FIN] THE MAN-EATING TREE
April 1st 2011 Bar Soho Porvoo [FIN] THE MAN-EATING TREE
March 31st 2011 Tavastia Helsinki [FIN] THE MAN-EATING TREE
March 27th 2011 Tarantul Club Voronezh [RUS] NONE
March 26th 2011 Matrix Club Kursk [RUS] NONE
March 25th 2011 P!PL Club Moscow [RUS] NONE
March 24th 2011 Zal Ozhidaniya Club St. Petersburg [RUS] NONE
May 29th 2009 Club Orlandina St. Petersburg [RUS] DOMINIA, AMEX
January 17th 2009 Club Tochka Moscow [RUS] KATATONIA
December 31st 2008 Tavastia Helsinki [FIN] HIM, 45 DEGREE WOMAN
December 30th 2008 Pakkahuone Tampere [FIN] HIM, 45 DEGREE WOMAN
December 29th 2008 Club Teatria Oulu [FIN] HIM, 45 DEGREE WOMAN
August 16th 2008 Jalometalli Oulu [FIN] FESTIVAL
June 27th 2008 Tuska Open Air Helsinki [FIN] FESTIVAL
June 21st 2008 Kalajoen Juhannus Kalajoki [FIN] FESTIVAL
June 20th 2008 Nummirock Kauhajoki [FIN] FESTIVAL
June 8th 2008 Sauna Open Air Tampere [FIN] FESTIVAL
March 29th 2008 Nosturi Helsinki [FIN] DOMINIA, 45 DEGREE WOMAN
March 22nd 2008 Club Teatria Oulu [FIN] FALL OF THE IDOLS




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