1032 - The first written records of Kursk, the Russian city.
1508 - The city of Kursk joins the centralized Russian state.
1943 - The Battle of Kursk. The largest tank battle in military history takes place in Kursk.
1994 - The nuclear submarine K-141 Kursk is launched.
2000 - K-141 Kursk sinks in the Barents Sea taking 118 lives with her.
2007 - The band Kursk is formed and their debut album recorded.
2008 - The band's debut album 'Cherno' is released.
2011 - The band's second album 'Nizhe' is released.
2014 - The band's third album 'Imena Na Stene' is released.
2016 - The band's fourth album 'Zero' is released.
2023 - The band's fifth album 'Prestupleniya protiv chelovechestva' is released.
The band's official name is KYPCK - not KURSK or Kursk.
'Kursk' is a mere transliteration to the Western alphabet.

Written media: please always write KYPCK [or Kypck].

Radios: the band's name is always pronounced /kursk/.

Television: please write KYPCK [or Kypck] and pronounce /kursk/.

Members of the band.



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